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Lubo Commingled STARSCREEN®

Lubo Commingled STARSCREEN®

The Commingled STARSCREEN® is perfectly suited for Single Stream Waste to separate paper, tin cans and glass.

The screening deck is placed in a steel construction of its own. In order to reinforce the separation rate, Lubo advises the use of air support. The airflow will reinforce the upward movement. This increases capacity. The round parts will roll back. The star deck has different shafts with rubber stars with a diameter of 330 mm. The star shafts are made of solid steel and can easily be replaced by using the patented Lubo Quick Disconnect system.

The design and engineering of the Lubo Commingled STARSCREEN® promise you suprisingly low costs per ton of waste: the machine features low energy consumption and requires little maintenance and is easy to operate due to the Lubo Quick Disconnect System, which makes it possible to change the shafts in next to no time.

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