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Lubo Glass Breaker Screen

Lubo Glass Breaker Screen

The Glass Breaker Screen was developed to break glass and screen it at 50 mm. Optional is a 2nd screening deck that screens at 120 mm. The 2nd deck screens tin cans among other things, in preparation of separating metal.

The glass breaker screen is basicly a 2 deck star screen which is designed for breaking and screening the glass fraction in a waste stream. For Breaking the glass the first deck is supplied with shafts with steel flower stars. The flower stars are made from very wear resistant Hardox steel and have a diameter from 330 mm. The second deck is the screening deck and is standard provided with the conventional Lubo rubber stars, with a diameter from 235 mm. The optional 2nd screening deck has axles with rubber stars with a diameter of 330 mm. The star axles are made of solid steel.

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