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The OCC (Old Corrugated Cardboard) STARSCREEN® is perfectly suited to separate large cardboard from the material flow. The over fraction is large cardboard. Paper, small cardboard and small material will be screened off. This particular screen is placed at the beginning of a sorting installation to separate large cardboard, making manual separation of large cardboard redundant.

The OCC screening deck consists of various axles, on which rubber stars are mounted. The stars have a diameter of 660 mm. The screening size can be determined by means of the size of the stars, the interval between the stars and the rotation speed. This is approximately the size of a sheet of A3.

The design and engineering of the Lubo OCC STARSCREEN® promise you suprisingly low costs per ton of waste: the machine features low energy consumption and requires little maintenance and is easy to operate due to the Lubo Quick Disconnect System, which makes it possible to change the shafts in next to no time.

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