Meet Bollegraaf at the POL-ECO-System in Poznan › Bollegraaf Recycling Solutions

Meet Bollegraaf at the POL-ECO-System in Poznan
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Meet Bollegraaf at the POL-ECO-System in Poznan

Meet Bollegraaf at the POL-ECO-System in Poznan › Bollegraaf Recycling Solutions

System integrator and turnkey solutions provider for the circular economy

The need to recycle and to reuse materials is becoming more widely recognized; we are en route to a circular economy where almost everything is reused. Consequently, the recycling sector is growing fast and innovation is increasing rapidly. The POL-ECO-SYSTEM Exhibition in Poznan, which will be held from 11-14 October, is the platform where all the innovations are presented to visitors from all over the world. Bollegraaf Recycling Solutions together with Lubo Systems (Part of the Bollegraaf Group) will be present to confirm its leading position in the sector with intelligent solutions for separating Plastics, MSW, Single Stream, Industrial Waste, and Construction and Demolition Waste.

Lubo Anti Wrapping StarScreen®, high throughput, high purity
At the POL-ECO-SYSTEM, Bollegraaf Recycling Solutions is proud to present the Lubo Anti Wrapping StarScreen®. Wrapping of film, tape and textile? The Lubo Anti Wrapping StarScreen® will solve the problem. Also, the machine’s ‘aggressive agitation’ system prevents small fractions from sticking to larger ones. Obstructive sausage formation is also prevented since the large fractions are not spun around as they would be in a drum separator. Discover the benefits of the Lubo Anti Wrapping StarScreen® and visit Bollegraaf Recycling Solutions at Pavilion 5, nr 61 for a demonstration.

The lowest cost per tonne of waste
Bollegraaf Recycling Solutions used to be known as ‘Bollegraaf Recycling Machinery’. The name change is significant, as Bollegraaf is now a system integrator and turnkey solutions
provider. The new strategy has had a major impact on the company. Bollegraaf is now known as an open and proactive team of professionals that provides the best possible advice and solutions, and effects a permanent improvement in the
clients’ business operations. The role of after sales has gained in importance and Bollegraaf is closer to the client. The emphasis has shifted - the purchase price is less relevant and has been superseded by the total cost of ownership. Bollegraaf scores exceptionally well in that area, as our solutions offer the lowest costs per tonne of waste and are also renowned for its high Return on Investment (ROI) and
their low Total Costs of Ownership (TCO).

Turnkey solutions for all kinds of materials
Whether it concerns Single Stream or MSW, Construction & Demolition or Commercial & Industrial, Bollegraaf Recycling Solutions provides turnkey solutions for almost every type of material flow. The company operates throughout Europe, the USA, Australia and Asia. Lubo Systems in Emmen, a leading company in the area of screening technology, air separation technology and mobile screening, has joined the Bollegraaf Group. The cooperation and access to the world’s most advanced technology lead to innovative solutions for all waste flows. The Bollegraaf Group provides sustainable solutions for any type of waste.

Polish market identified as key market
Bollegraaf Recycling Solutions has ambitious goals and has identified the Polish market as one of its key markets for a new a line of economical sorting systems. Since we believe that exceptional support must be standard at Bollegraaf Recycling Solutions, we are investing heavily in field service management. Bollegraaf has recently further strengthened their team by increasing their field service capabilities. Additionally, Tomasz Kusinski, Sales Manager Poland, will be looking after our national key accounts, as well as rolling out the Bollegraaf growth strategy in the coming years. Catch up with our Polish team and Bollegraaf’s latest developments and technologies.

Come and visit us at POL-ECO-SYSTEM, Pavilion 5, nr 61

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