Smurfit Kappa upgrades Bollegraaf HBC baler at Tamworth depot › Bollegraaf Recycling Solutions

Smurfit Kappa upgrades Bollegraaf HBC baler at Tamworth depot
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Smurfit Kappa upgrades Bollegraaf HBC baler at Tamworth depot › Bollegraaf Recycling Solutions

Smurfit Kappa upgrades Bollegraaf HBC baler at Tamworth depot

Bollegraaf have just completed installation of a new HBC 140 baler for Smurfit Kappa at their Tamworth depot, replacing their existing HBC 110F baler.

Trevor Smart UK country manager says: “The new HBC140 baler is one of the biggest balers in our range and will enable Smurfit Kappa to increase their productivity by creating heavier bales. This will reduce their onwards transport costs and increase overall efficiency in their paper and card baling operation”.

With its unique pre-press flap and the new Adaptive Proportional Channel Pressure (APCP) system, a self-learning system that automatically controls the channel pressure when baling a variety of different materials, the HBC 140 baler is capable of switching to different materials automatically. The end result is a machine that requires less operator intervention, has lower maintenance costs because the hydraulic pressures are always optimised, and produces heavy, high quality bales while using less energy.

In addition to the APCP system, this baler is also equipped with frequency inverters for the main motors. These have the following advantages which all contribute to a lower energy consumption:

  • The starting current is minimal (no surges in the power grid).
  • The maximum current drawn from the grid is limited to prevent power demand spikes.
  • The pump will switch to idle if no hydraulic power is requested during 20 seconds.

The baler also has a new needle lifting system which raises the tying system to enable easy and safe access from the maintenance platform on the channel. The new HBC 140 baler was supplied as part of a wider programme of works to optimise the depot operations.

Sjoerd Pollaert, Depot Manager for Smurfit Kappa says “Bollegraaf has met our high expectations during this installation. It was a complex and challenging installation that required installing new equipment, relocating existing equipment and a lot of civil work and electrical work. In a project like this, both communication and a detailed planning is key. Because of this, and a good preparation the whole project went smoother as expected.’’

“Competition was tough on this project, but ultimately we favoured Bollegraaf because we have had a great relationship with them for over 25 years. The quality of their equipment is second to none. Their level of expertise is also very high and that gives us great confidence. With Bollegraaf, you know what you’re buying. It’s the full package!”

Trevor Smart added: “We are extremely happy to be working in partnership with Smurfit Kappa and install this new baler. The original HBC 110F baler was over 20 years old and, whilst it’s still going strong, the new HBC 140 will keep in line with our customer’s growth expectations for the future.”


HBC140 Baler: at a glance

The HBC baler series produced by Bollegraaf are renowned for their high throughput, durability, reliability, and the effective production of high quality, heavyweight bales and ideally suited to high volume MRF and paper recycling operations.

The details below provide a typical minimum and maximum for this application:

  • Maximum Capacity: 28–82 tph
  • Typical Capacity: 45 tph
  • Motor size: 2 × 75 kW
  • Pressing force: 153 tonnes main press/65 tonnes pre-press flap
  • Cycle time: 19 seconds
  • Bale density (paper): 1000–1200 kg
  • Weight of baler: 51 tonnes
  • Feed opening: 1600mm × 1100mm (up to 2000 × 1100 with additional Extra Wide Feed Hopper)
  • Bale dimensions: 1100mm × 1100mm × variable length


*Adaptive Proportional Channel Pressure (APCP): A self-learning, automatic optimization of channel pressure through the entire baling process adapting to the material being baled. Benefits include reducing hydraulic system energy loss caused by unnecessary peaks in pressure; also making bales up to 20% more compact and heavier bales

*Energy efficient operation

*Five vertical needles with needle lifting mechanism for easy cleaning and maintenance

*BIOS control to integrate to integrate with MRF HMI system


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