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The most efficient plastic sorting system
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The most efficient plastic sorting system

The most efficient plastic sorting system › Bollegraaf Recycling Solutions

The Appingedam-based company Bollegraaf Recycling Solutions and Daly Plastics, located in Zutphen, have completed the installation of the most efficient and professional industrial plastic sorting system in the Netherlands. The two companies pooled their expertise to create an innovative, modular and fully automatic recycling system. The capacity targets set for the system were exceeded by more than 50%. Every hour, the system delivers around 7 tonnes of perfectly separated plastics. This enables Daly Plastics to realise its ultimate goal: production of extremely pure regranulate for use as raw material in high-quality new products.

"We chose Bollegraaf because their quality was higher than all other candidates and they possess the necessary expertise in the design, engineering, construction and supervision services required for the installation of an innovative system like this", explains Peter Daalder, director of Daly Plastics.  "Another important reason for selecting Bollegraaf’s systems is their robust yet flexible nature due to the modular structure. Recycling of waste is a process that is continually changing. If the range of materials for recycling changes, then the system can be easily modified and restructured without incurring high costs. In addition, they are a reliable partner who provide all of the knowledge and services required to optimise processes and get the most out of the systems.

With more than 50 years of experience, Bollegraaf is one of the most skilled providers of turnkey solutions.  We know that the composition of the waste received for processing is always variable. For this reason, versatility was the key to this system. It inspires us to get the absolute most out of the system. "Daly Plastics goal was to process 4 tonnes per hour, yet they are currently achieving between 6 and 7", says Frits Eding, project manager at Bollegraaf Recycling Solutions. 

The System
The first part of the system is a coarse shredder, followed by the removal of any iron contamination. The resulting output is then processed through ballistic separators – Ellipticals by Lubo Systems B.V. (a member of the Bollegraaf Group) – to remove small contaminants such as sand. By means of optical scanning, the waste is then separated into different types and, if desired, different colours. A manual check can then be carried out if necessary. The output then goes through a baler to be processed into homogenous bales. Subsequently, the output is further reprocessed to create the end product via an innovative DRD dry-cleaning system and granulation. Daly Plastics now has all of this technology at its disposal.

Project Management
Bollegraaf has an experienced team of project managers who function as head contractors. In this capacity, they are largely responsible for the construction and installation of large recycling systems. For this reason, management of interfaces between subprojects is therefore vital with regard to both technical matters and contract law. 

Ellipticals by Lubo Systems B.V. 
The Lubo Elliptical is used to separate 2D materials from 3D materials. The grilles on the paddles ensure the desired separation size, which can be easily adjusted to any dimensions you wish.  

The Lubo Elliptical offers a wide variety of advantages over traditional ballistic screening:
- Extra wide dimensions: up to 2500mm of functional width.
- Air support to optimally aid the screening process.
- Extremely stable motion pattern due to the 6-cylinder combustion engine principle.
- Range of angles via hydraulic cylinder.
- Paddles can be demounted from above.
- Side walls are also demountable, ensuring optimal accessibility for maintenance purposes.
- Low maintenance costs.
- Central lubrication.
- Easy to replace separable bearings without removing the axle.

Optical Sorting by Pellenc 
The Pellenc ST Mistral Film machine is the only proven optical sorting machine on the market for effective treatment and sorting of all types of plastic foils for recovery and recycling.
By making use of near-infrared and vision technology, Pellenc's Mistral machine is equipped with the most advanced technology in the optical sorting industry.

About Bollegraaf Recycling Solutions
Bollegraaf Recycling Solutions is a world leader in the engineering and manufacturing of ready-to-use recycling solutions and equipment. The company is renowned for its innovative and reliable solutions and the high quality of its products. It has a proven track record in the industry that stretches back over 50 years. Bollegraaf invests heavily in research and development, in addition to the very latest production equipment and facilities. The goal of all this is to guarantee a profitable and robust organisation for its clients.

Bollegraaf Recycling Solutions is established in the Netherlands and comprises two sister companies: Bollegraaf Recycling Machinery B.V. and Lubo Systems B.V. Bollegraaf also has offices in Germany, France and the United Kingdom responsible for sales and services in these countries. In addition, Bollegraaf is part of a large dealer organisation that covers the whole of the USA and Canada, and also has vendors, service engineers and sales agents throughout the world.

About Daly Plastics
Founded in 1985, Daly Plastics B.V. has become one of the largest processors of plastic waste in the Netherlands. It is a modern and internationally active company with its own transport fleet and a global network of agencies.  You can enlist Daly Plastics services for the collection, sorting, preparation, processing and return of material for reuse. 

Note for the press/more information:
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Tel: +31 (0)596 654 333

Daly Plastics
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