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Testimonials › Bollegraaf Recycling Solutions

Strong Partnerships

We want to be a valuable partner. Whenever there is an issue, we want to offer a tailor-made solution. We aim to assist our clients with training, service and advice. Technologies are advancing, regulations can change, but variables in the market can also change, with possible consequences for product program. In that sense we want to be an extra pair of eyes and ears for clients.

Daly Plastics (Zutphen, The Netherlands)

“We break down used packaging film into granules, of which new film materials can be made. This process requires special input materials, for which we commissioned a high-tech Bollegraaf sorting installation. We spoke with several machine manufacturers, however, Bollegraaf clearly went the extra mile compared to its competitors. I already had the idea and design in my head. Other companies refused to work with this; they only wanted to use an ‘official’ engineering design. Bollegraaf did agree – and even proactively suggested solutions along the way. This created a truly close team, combining the best elements and ideas from both worlds into one design. The result is astounding. In comparison to the petrochemical industry, we release 1,350 kilos CO 2 less per tonne material. However, the most important aspect is that the optical sorting with near infrared technology works so well that we hardly have any sorting afterwards. The process is completely automated and the impact is enormous. For the volumes produced by our installation we would need 350 employees if we made use of manual sorting. That sorting is the reason that a lot of material is first shipped to Asia. The manual process is still affordable there. With our new Bollegraaf installation we can really contribute to a circular economy in Western Europe. This is a real breakthrough. Because everyone struggles with this problem.”

"We chose Bollegraaf because they were the best performers in terms of quality"

Re-Gen Waste (Northern Ireland)

“Our old baler was 11 years old and had insufficient capacity to handle a daily volume of 500 tonnes of paper, plastic, steel and aluminium. For the new baler, we chose to team up with Bollegraaf because I became more and more convinced that their installation is technologically superior to its competitors across the board. Moreover, a Bollegraaf customer in the Netherlands convinced me that compared to other alternatives the Bollegraaf baler leads to lower total cost of ownership and is easier to maintain. In consultation with our head of production, the touch screen control of the installation was transferred to the central control room, eliminating the need for a separate operator. Thanks to the special,
protected cabling, we no longer have problems with rats destroying cables and shutting down the installation. As the new HBC-140 baler also produces larger bales and bundles them more effectively, we save more than EUR 31,000 a year on binders alone. (see streamer) The forklift trucks are more productive, the containers are heavier and the floor stays cleaner. Moreover, we are operating at the promised maximum capacity. I couldn’t be happier.”

“We save more than EUR 31,000 a year on binders alone” 

Cardiff County Council (United Kingdom)

According to General Manager Patrick McGrath, the degree of separation alone makes Cardiff County Council a reference for every management team in the recycling industry.

In 2005, the Cardiff County Council (CCC) commissioned Bollegraaf to build a fully automated facility to recycle 60,000 tonnes of co-mingled, mixed, and dry recyclable materials annually. What made CCC’s General Manager Patrick McGrath choose Bollegraaf was the sure prospect of a fast return on investment. “Our goal was tominimize operational cost, with as fewpeople on the line as possible. With the design of the facility, Bollegraaf really livedup to our expectations.”

The Cardiff County Council facility was designed for processing dry household waste, meeting a capacity of 15 tonnes/hr. As it turns out, the facility easily handlesa capacity of 18 tonnes/hr. The design, manufacture, delivery, M+E installation, and commissioning were all carried out by Bollegraaf. “In Bollegraaf we found a partner with the scale, capacity, and experience to handle a considerable sized project. After all, as management, one tries to eliminate as much uncertainty as possible. Besides, Bollegraaf has been a family business for more than 50 years. It shows in the hands-on mentality of both management as well as the technical staff, properties that played an important role in our choice.” 

“Since day one I have been extremely satisfied with Bollegraaf’s performance. With regard to the design of the facility, as well as to the planning and following up on agreements. I dare say that, together with Bollegraaf, we have created a state-of-theart facility that serves as a reference for every management team in the recycling industry.”

"When investing the amount of money we did, you can't afford to botch up. Bollegraaf made sure we didn't"

Resource Recovery Corporation (United States)

The multi-million dollar investment for the RIRRC Single Stream facility was worth every penny, according to Executive Director Mike OConnell.

In 2012, Bollegraaf built a state-of-the-art Single Stream MRF for RI Resource Recovery Corporation (RIRRC) with extensive automation of the screening and sorting process to reach an optimal separation degree. Hand pickers are essentially made redundant, except for their role in quality control. The facility was engineered around the principles of flexibility and versatility, enabling RIRRC to tune its production to the demand and prices in today’s fluctuating market.

With Bollegraaf in charge of project management, including supervision of the demolition and construction, there was a second technological challenge: to safeguard the continuity of RIRRC’s existing dual stream sorting process. In order to do
so, Bollegraaf built a temporary sorting and baling line for mixed recyclables.

Brian Dubis, RIRRC’s Operations Manager, said, “We never stopped processing material from the day we started construction to the day we flipped the switch on our new Single Stream MRF. The entire facility was delivered 30 days ahead of schedule, on budget, and performed as designed.”

The high-quality output brings RIRRC ‘top dollar’ in the market for recyclables. Mike OConnell, Executive Director: “I’m tremendously pleased with the installation. I believe we now have the best Single Stream system in North America. It is recognized and visited by our competitors because of the fact that it is state-of-the-art. I invite every prospective customer of Bollegraaf for a tour. Watching the installation perform tells a story that speaks for itself.”

"I believe we now have the best single stream system in North America!"

Ateliers de Fouesnantais Ecotri (France)

Ateliers de Fouesnantais, Ecotri (AFE) is one of the five largest recycling facilities in France. Ever rising plastics prices and landfill fines played a major role in its initial design in 2008. Based on previous experience, Ateliers de Fouesnantais, Ecotri (AFE) asked Bollegraaf to further improve separation quality.

In 2012, Bollegraaf refurbished AFE’s Single Stream MRF, an expansion to the existing system, also built by Bollegraaf, to annually recycle 25 tonnes/hr of co-mingled, mixed, and dry materials. The French government selected AFE’s 2008
Single Stream MRF to serve in a pilot project to further increase the separation degree of waste streams. Yannick Gaume, General Manager of AFE, said, “The objective of the pilot was to explore the possibilities to further reduce waste streams whilst increasing the quality of the recycled material. In 2012, based on previous experience, we approached Bollegraaf to come up with a solution and once again they exceeded all of our expectations.” The changes to the facility significantly increased the separation degree, especially for paper and plastics. In order to do so, optical sorters were added to the paper and cardboard line, as well as the highly effective PaperMagnet®, a first in France. The revolutionary PaperMagnet® automatically separates light 2D material such as paper, cardboard, and foil from heavier 3D material, such as glass containers, wood, and stone, thus improving the quality of the output and reducing the number of employees
needed for quality control. Depending on the circumstances, a separation degree of up to 98 percent is now a reality. All in all, this was a very lucrative investment for AFE. It enables the corporation to supply 1,100 tonnes extra to the market
annually. Yannick Gaume, said, “Bollegraaf’s solution to separate 2D from 3D materials is unsurpassed. It helped us reach our goal to increase the purity of our recyclables.”

"Once again Bollegraaf exceeded all of our expectations"

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