Cardiff County Council (UK) |2005/2006 › Bollegraaf Recycling Solutions

Cardiff County Council (UK) |2005/2006
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Cardiff County Council (UK) |2005/2006 › Bollegraaf Recycling Solutions

Cardiff County Council

According to General Manager Patrick McGrath, the degree of separation alone makes Cardiff County Council a reference for every management team in the recycling industry.

In 2005, the Cardiff County Council (CCC) commissioned Bollegraaf to build a fully automated facility to recycle 60,000 tonnes of co-mingled, mixed, and dry recyclable materials annually. What made CCC’s General Manager Patrick McGrath choose Bollegraaf was the sure prospect of a fast return on investment. “Our goal was tominimize operational cost, with as fewpeople on the line as possible. With the design of the facility, Bollegraaf really livedup to our expectations.”

The Cardiff County Council facility was designed for processing dry household waste, meeting a capacity of 15 tonnes/hr. As it turns out, the facility easily handlesa capacity of 18 tonnes/hr. The design, manufacture, delivery, M+E installation, and commissioning were all carried out by Bollegraaf. “In Bollegraaf we found a partner with the scale, capacity, and experience to handle a considerable sized project. After all, as management, one tries to eliminate as much uncertainty as possible. Besides, Bollegraaf has been a family business for more than 50 years. It shows in the hands-on mentality of both management as well as the technical staff, properties that played an important role in our choice.” 

“Since day one I have been extremely satisfied with Bollegraaf’s performance. With regard to the design of the facility, as well as to the planning and following up on agreements. I dare say that, together with Bollegraaf, we have created a state-of-theart facility that serves as a reference for every management team in the recycling industry.”

"When investing the amount of money we did, you can't afford to botch up. Bollegraaf made sure we didn't"