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Service Level Agreements
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Service Level Agreements › Bollegraaf Recycling Solutions

Service Level Agreements

Inspection Agreement 
Regular inspection of your Bollegraaf equipment or installation is essential. We inspect the machine based on a pre-determined detailed checklist covering: safety, wear & tear, system updates and use of the machine. Based on the results of the inspection, we provide a concise report advising how to improve your equipment and keep it running perfectly. When put into practice, these action points will maximise and optimise performance.

In addition to the inspection report, we recommended parts for customers to keep in store, therefore reducing downtime. Consistent reporting gives reassurance and allows our customers to build up a history for safe and profitable performance.

Preventive Maintenance Agreement 
The next step following a successful Inspection Agreement is a Preventative Maintenance Agreement. This agreement ensures that your installation will always be in the best technical condition.

The primary goals of this agreement are to prevent unplanned downtime and to preserve and enhance your equipment’s reliability by replacing parts before they are entirely worn out or break. Preventive maintenance is an excellent way to avoid production stops and reduce downtime of your equipment.

Preventing unplanned downtime and increasing Overall Equipment Effectiveness improves productivity and profitability. Preventative maintenance activities also include equipment checks, partial or complete overhauls at specified periods, oil changes and lubrication.

Operating Expenditures
Our Field Service Engineers record all equipment deterioration, so we can improve your overall equipment effectiveness. By recording data about your equipment we learn how long it takes for certain parts to wear and when they need to be replaced. This way we can update the parts and service before you notice any serious wear – another great way to minimise production stops and downtime.

Based on extensive design knowledge and experience, Bollegraaf developed a maintenance model which consists of scheduled tasks that reduce the risk of unexpected breakdown. This agreement includes coverage by our Service Engineers and parts for all major tasks and is managed by our Project Managers over an agreed period of years or running hours. All Preventive Maintenance Agreements are offered with a fixed price, ensuring steady Operating Expenditures (OPEX).

A Bollegraaf maintenance contract brings the following advantages:

  • Maintenance by experienced Bollegraaf engineers
  • Original spare parts
  • A customised scheme: always on time!