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Bollegraaf PaperSpike
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Bollegraaf PaperSpike

The PaperSpike® is a system for removing A3 to A5 sized cardboard residue that has been left behind in the paper flow after the screening of cardboard and used paper. The PaperSpike® is manufactured exclusively for Bollegraaf by Grumbach.

The principle is astonishingly simple and yet totally effective. The material is spread out into the thinnest possible layer and fed into a rotating disc roller that is equipped with spikes. The paper, which has very little strength, is not retained by the spikes and falls through. The cardboard on the other hand, is spiked, transported to the cardboard extraction belt and removed from the spikes by means of a striker shaft.

The PaperSpike® is a unique machine in combination with the sorting systems from Bollegraaf Recycling Solutions and the STARSCREEN® manufactured by Lubo Systems (part of the Bollegraaf Group).

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