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BAS Shredder

BAS Shredder

Bollegraaf offers several types of shredders for a large variety of materials and shredding applications. Our advanced range of slow speed shredders (BAS series) can be equipped with crude (35 mm) or fine (12 mm) shear blades and are ideal for e.g. (confidential) archive shredding. All Bollegraaf shredders are engineered and produced to deliver quality results with impressive reliability. Only A-quality materials and components are used to ensure the highest reliability and longest life span, for lower cost of operation. One stop shopping within the Bollegraaf Group offers you a wide range of machinery, professional advice, worldwide installations and service, plus a track record of 50+ years in the industry. Feel free to ask us how our shredding technology could help you to get even more value from your waste stream.

The BAS shredder has two shafts whereby the shear blades revolve around each other, so the material is cut into strips. The thickness of the shear blades and the distance between the teeth determines the size of the strips/shreds.

Crude shredding shear blades / Large teeth (35 mm) are used for rough shredding, whereby capacity can be increased (to a maximum of approx. 6,000 kg/h) by defining the header side of the shear blades at an angle. This increases the grip on the material that is to be shredded.

Fine shredding shear blades / Small teeth (12 mm) are used for fine shredding, e.g. for the destruction of confidential files after rough-shredding beforehand. Maximum capacity approx.: 3,000 kg/h.