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B.O.S.S 2.0 Safety System

Safety First with B.O.S.S. 2.0

Personnel of recycling companies are exposed to the hazards of and high risk, of working with heavy machinery like balers, conveyors and shredders. By taking additional, precautionary measures, dangerous situations and potential accidents can be prevented.
How? With B.O.S.S. 2.0!

O.S.S. 2.0 ensures your system complies with the European safety standard EN 16252:2013, and that safety requirements are met. The standard states that horizontal balers fed by conveyors require additional emergency stop devices to be fitted to protect the person that has gone, or fallen, onto the conveyor. Especially if the horizontal section of a feeding conveyor is placed in a pit, B.O.S.S. 2.0 provides a very good solution to make your system EN 16252:2013 compliant.
The system is certified according to the EN ISO 13849-1 PL c safety standard.

Employees who work in the pre-determined protective zone around the machine in question wear a chargeable operator badge. This operator badge is programmable, and adjustable up to a 15m range. The functioning of the badges can be checked by a self-test, that has to be performed before each shift of maximal 8 hours. 

The system monitors the position of the operator and ensures that when an operator enters the danger zone, which is protected by the B.O.S.S. System, e.g. the press or shredder units, the installation is stopped through an emergency stop. The badges and the antenna on the installation have an invisible detection field. If these two fields overlap the badge holder gets an acoustic warning through the badge and the badge will vibrate. The signalling unit on the installation puts out an optical and acoustic alarm and switches the installation off through the emergency stop circuit.


  • Creates safer working practices for personnel and improves the overall safety at the company.
  • Offers your personnel maximum protection, through the machine shutdown system, which works regardless of the consciousness of the employee.
  • Makes your system compliant with international safety standards (EN 16252:2013).
  • Simplifies your safety system with one single system for balers and shredders. Can be easily installed on new and existing installations.
  • All ranges can be adjusted to customer specific situations, providing a tailor-made solution for safeguarding dangerous areas.