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Heavier bales and using less electricity

Bollegraaf HBC series have got better. The HBC series baler is renowned for its reliability and durability to produce good, heavyweight bales at the lowest operational cost. At Bollegraaf we have been listening to our customers and working hard to make our balers even better!

Numerous unique design features and quality manufacturing from A-class materials ensure that our balers are capable of processing higher quantities of materials over time, and produce more and heavier bales while using less energy to offer you the lowest possible operational costs. Our wide range of balers includes the perfect match to the volume and kind of recyclables handled by your company. Numerous options are available to further adjust our balers to your requirements.

Frequency Drive - enable them to run at a low RPM, so the baler can default to standby mode after 180 seconds for when the baler isn't baling material. This Eco-design gives you electricity savings of up to 30%.

Updated Hydraulics - using hunger rams and special robust seal technology

Adaptive Proportional channel Pressure (APCP) - self-learning system to control pressure when bailing a variety of materials. This results in less wear and tear, less energy consumption and does not require any operator intervention.

Needle Lifting Device - to allow easy access for maintenance and cleaning to the needle heads, rollers and cutting knives

We are happy to provide you with advice or assist you with transportation, installation & maintenance and service.

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