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Leading To De-Inking Solutions

Optimizing output in terms of economic value against the lowest possible costs per tonne. This is the short-term goal for every installation that Bollegraaf provides. The long-term goal is to ensure permanently low operating costs and achieve an optimal return on investment.

The better the separation, the higher the value of the output. This is the very essence of our paper & cardboard processing equipment: to increase the quality of the end product. At Bollegraaf, we build and provide high-end turnkey installations that combine a range of effective separation technologies that will improve the quality of the output and its intrinsic value. This will substantially reduce de-inking costs for your clients, the paper mills.

The purpose of the installation is to separate, sort and process, printed paper and cardboard from an input stream of mixed paper, which are then baled and shipped for reuse.

Key technologies