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Bollegraaf Drumfeeder

Bollegraaf Drumfeeder

The Drumfeeder® was specially designed to optimise your waste paper sorting system. The Drumfeeder® ensures that your sorting system, baler or shredder has a constant flow.

Bollegraaf Drumfeeder

To optimize the efficiency of your sorting installation, Bollegraaf has developed the BDF Drum Feeder. Together with a special version of the HBST steel belt conveyor with a 2000 mm high side wall (so-called Bunker belt) it forms a special feeder system that offers you the following advantages:

- Higher capacity of the sorting installation, because fewer empty/less high places on the feeder belt occur. The Drum Feeder ensures a constant, adjustable material flow.

- Better sorting quality. There are no more large piles present on the belt. As a result, the sorting units, such as screens, magnets, air separation and even hand sorting will not be overloaded in peaks and can provide optimum output at all times.

- Time-saving for the shovel operator, who, depending on the length of the Drum Feeder, only needs to fill the Drum Feeder a few times per hour.

- Any boxes are for the most part opened and flattened by the Drum Feeder.

- If the feeder system is not filled too high, large pieces of cardboard are torn into smaller pieces.

For easier loading of material into the system it can also be placed in a recessed or (concrete) pit.