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Lubo ONP StarScreen

Lubo ONP StarScreen

Office Newspaper StarScreen®
The ONP (Office Newspaper) StarScreen® is perfectly suited to separate various paper sizes from each other. The single ONP StarScreen® has 1 screening deck that is placed at an angle of between 38° and 45°. The screening deck is placed in its own steel construction. The paper flow is separated into 2 fractions as a result of the screening process. The standard screen sizes for a single ONP are A4 or A5.

Lubo ONP StarScreen®

Screening deck
The ONP screening deck consists of various axles on which rubber stars have been mounted. The stars have a diameter of 330 mm. The deck has its own star setting depending on the screen size. The star axles are made of solid steel. The star axles can easily be replaced by means of the patented Lubo Quick Disconnect. The screening deck’s angle can be adjusted with a manual hydraulic pump. Electric-hydraulic angle adjustment is optional.

The screening process can be adjusted by means of the combination of angle adjustment and/or frequency regulation of the motor speed. The screen’s drive is made of high quality materials. Standard, the Lubo StarScreen® is driven by 5.5 kW SEW motor reductors. The motors have electromagnetic brakes. The adjacent star axles are driven by means of chains and sprockets. The speed of the screening deck is variable due to the use of frequency regulators. You can set the screen size by adjusting the speed.