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Lubo Elliptical XL

Lubo Elliptical XL

The Lubo Elliptical XL is a state-of-the-art ballistic sorting machine that can be used for MSW, Plastic Waste and Single Stream and ensures excellent screening results. The machine can be combined with opticals or air separation technologies. The Lubo Elliptical XL ensures high purity and cleaner output and requires little maintenance which results in low downtime.

The Lubo Elliptical XL is unique for its agitating movement and the adjustable screen surface angle. This facilitates an extremely high separation quality for various waste streams.

The Lubo Elliptical XL divides the material stream into three fractions; heavier 3D fractions such as tin or stones, lighter 2D fractions such as paper and film and lastly a screening fraction size.

The Lubo Elliptical XL range can be used for Municipal Solid Waste, Plastic Waste and Single Stream combined with optical or air separation technologies.