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Lubo Elliptical XL

Lubo Elliptical XL

The Elliptical ballistic separator is unique for its agitating movement and the adjustable screen deck angle. Which facilitates an extremely high 2d – 3d separation quality for various waste streams.

The Lubo Elliptical XL range consists of sturdy ballistic separators with long lasting critical parts. The ballistic technology virtually rules out wear and besides that, very little maintenance is required The frame of the new Lubo Elliptical XL has been improved for better stability. The Lubo Elliptical XL is heavier and more robust than the previous design of the Elliptical. The paddles of the machines have undergone several changes, which make the design even more robust and minimizes material build up. The drive mechanism has been upgraded for better spreading of the forces in the new compact design, while also making the mechanism easily accessible for maintenance and service. Throughout the whole Lubo Elliptical XL changes have been implemented. In short this means that the Elliptical XL has an open frame, fewer parts, a hinged motor drive and movable maintenance platform inside.

The material stream is divided into three fractions: the heavier 3D fractions such as tin or stones, the lighter 2D fractions such as paper and film and a screening fraction size.

The Lubo Elliptical XL range can be used for Municipal Solid Waste, Plastic Waste and Single Stream combined with optical or air separation technologies.