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Designing today’s single stream systems with the flexibility to process tomorrow’s material

While most EU countries still have a policy that favours source separation, Single Stream waste processing is increasingly becoming an alternative for recycling mixed MSW. Based on our experience in the United States, the United Kingdom and France, Bollegraaf is certain that Single Stream waste recycling is an effective, efficient and sustainable alternative to the way most European countries currently collect and process waste.

Single stream installation

A single stream installation separates, sorts, and processes valuable commodities, such as newspaper, mixed paper, plastic containers, PET, Tetra Pak and glass, which are then baled and shipped for reuse. We are committed to supplying the best single stream sorting equipment by blending conventional low-maintenance technology with highly automated machinery capable of processing almost any type of incoming material. In addition, we provide the necessary installation flexibility for it to be able to change with the times.

The state of recycling is always evolving—your waste recycling installation should, too.


Equipment for single stream waste:

HBC140 baler

HBC balers

The HBC series baler is renowned for its reliability and durability, producing excellent, heavyweight bales at the lowest operational cost. You get best-in-class quality and service.

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Lubo OCC screen

Lubo OCC screen is placed at the beginning of a sorting installation. So it can separate large cardboard, This makes manual separation of large cardboard redundant.

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The RoBB is a fully automated sorting robot, ready and capable of sorting and separating valuable items for recovery during various stages of a waste sorting process.

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Lubo ONP Starscreen

The ONP (Office and Newspaper) StarScreen is a type of ballistic separator which is perfectly suited to treat various paper sizes like A4 or A5. The star axles can easily be replaced by means of the patented Lubo Quick Disconnect System. 

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Lubo PaperMagnet

Lubo PaperMagnet is a ballistic separator perfectly suited to recover paper, cardboard and film from a polluted Single Stream or Dual stream flow with high accuracy.

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The multi-million dollar investment for the RIRRC Single Stream facility was worth every penny, according to Executive Director Mike OConnell.


“I believe we now have the best single stream system in North America!”

Resource Recovery Corporation (USA)

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