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World leader in engineering and production of turnkey recycling solutions

Bollegraaf Group is a world-leading expert and innovator in the waste sorting and recycling sector. Furthermore, our reputation is based on the unique quality of equipment in terms of separation performance, robustness, and ease of maintenance. A premium quality complemented by our engineering expertise allows delivering the best solutions to the specific challenges of each of our customers.

Through continuous and intensive investment in innovation, we offer state-of-the-art recycling solutions. These are for all types of waste streams from household waste, paper, plastics up to construction and demolition. And then smart technologies and solutions based on Artificial intelligence, Robotics and advanced Engineering are at the core of our innovation journey where contribution to the circular economy is given a central place.


Global player with 60 years of waste sorting experience in Europe and 38 years in the US and Canada.

The Bollegraaf group has installed over 4000 recycling systems across the world and has built the largest MRFs (Material Recovery Facilities) with capacities of over 70-100+ tons per hour, including 17 Mega-MRFs. That is more than all of its competitors together.

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Our mission

Developing and making recycling and sorting systems that take care of the environment, improve people’s quality of life and health through meaningful innovation, and using our planet’s limited resources in a sustainable way.

Our values

Customer Oriented, Accountable, Innovative, Inspiring, Working Together on basis of Trust and Fact base.

Our vision

Global leader in turnkey recycling systems by selling sorting solutions to clients giving them the highest ROI and delivering the best customer experience in our industries.

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Bollegraaf Recycling Solutions based in the Netherlands, was founded in 1961 as a family business, quickly developed in a baler manufacturer and built a reputation for the highest quality machinery. Advancing its technology with sustainability in mind, Bollegraaf has grown from a single Dutch business into a multinational company.


The company now has a track record of 60+ years in the industry and the experience to match. Bollegraaf invests heavily in research and development as well as in the latest manufacturing equipment and facilities. We do all of this to ensure a profitable and sustainable business for our customers.

Lubo Recycling Solutions is an eminent supplier of complete recycling solutions and individual components. Furthermore, Lubo is a system integrator, known for high-quality solutions for construction & demolition waste and commercial & industrial wastes.


Through years of experience and extensive knowledge of waste sorting, Lubo has transformed from a family business into a world leader in air separating and screening technology, optical sorting, and robotics. Combining years of knowledge in recycling, waste, and sorting processes with immense flexibility, Lubo can offer the perfect recycling solutions that are highly profitable to maximize ROI for customers.

Van Dyk



Van Dyk Recycling is our exclusive distributor that operates the most successful Bollegraaf sales office and holds a strong North American presence from its headquarters in Norwalk, Connecticut, United States. Please visit www.vdrs.com for more information.

Martine Assie, Product Marketing Director at Bollegraaf Recycling Solutions

The Bollegraaf group is in essence dedicating its effort to creating value from waste in a climate-friendly way. Furthermore being one of the oldest companies in the recycling industry, the group is dynamic, never stops innovating, and by this, is recognized as the frontrunner in developing circular recycling solutions of tomorrow.


As the world leader in profitable recycling solutions,  

we know how to make the most out of waste. Moreover, the Bollegraaf Group provides first-class service during the entire life cycle of a machine or installation, by sharing knowledge and providing the best solutions for you.

Together with our clients we make the difference – a world of difference – in the market. Together, we face fundamental challenges with decisive technology. That is how we are building on a truly sustainable global future.


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