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The main purpose of a conveyor system is to transport material from one sorting machine to another. But it is not as easy as it seems at first glance. Choosing the right type and shape of a conveyor can be done based on the available space. Deciding based on material characteristics and flow capacities will have a great influence on the availability and profitability of your plant.

Every detail is of importance when it comes to designing a perfect recycling plant.

As there are many types of conveyors in the market, it might be a challenge to figure out which conveyor system will be suitable for your company’s unique requirements. Therefore, at Bollegraaf, we aim to find that perfect match depending on the building layout, volume and kind of recyclables handled by your company.

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Specifications of lengths, speeds, heaviness of construction and widths are fully flexible depending on customer requirements.

Bollegraaf and Lubo conveyor models

Chain belt conveyor

BRS Chain belt conveyor

With 60 years experience in building chain belt conveyors in the form of feed belts for balers and conveyors belts for sorting installations, Bollegraaf knows how to make its chain belts last a long time.

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HBGT conveyor

The sliding belt is used especially to move light, voluminous materials and is perfect for use as a sorting belt because of its flat, enclosed construction.

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BRS troughed belt conveyor

BRS Troughed belt conveyor

The throughed belt conveyors are used to transport materials which are heavy and materials which contain fine materials. The open construction and the rollers carrying the belt ensure a long life-time in difficult circumstances.

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