Advanced technology for size separation

Screening is fairly considered to be an integral part of the material sorting process. It is aimed to separate materials based on various sizes. Screens can be put in multiple steps of the recycling line to assure high-accuracy size separation where needed. And to divide materials into different streams per fraction size. This step serves two goals. On one hand, it allows to obtain a high-quality homogeneous final product. On the other hand, it helps to extract other valuable materials from the waste stream.

Lubo outstanding design and engineering for unrivaled ROI

Lubo’s patented starscreens represent the best example of our advanced technology for size separation. The StarScreen® consists of various axles on which rubber stars are mounted. The screen size is determined by the size of the stars, the space between the stars and the rotation speed of the screen. StarScreen gives a the high processing capacity, high purity and low operating and maintenance costs. Using the StarScreen results in maximum ROI.


Bollegraaf and Lubo dedicate their effort to creating value from waste in a climate friendly way.

Lubo screen models

Lubo AWS Starscreen

Lubo anti wrapping starscreen AWS is a unique technology for plastic film sorting. With the highest efficiency in size separation. AWS solves a major problem of wrapping of film, tape and textile.

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Lubo OCC screen

Lubo OCC screen is placed at the beginning of a sorting installation. So it can separate large cardboard, This makes manual separation of large cardboard redundant.

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Lubo Fines Starscreen

The Lubo Fines StarScreen is used mainly for separating construction and demolition waste. It can cope with the most difficult materials in many different applications.​

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