Plastic waste

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Innovative, effective solutions for retrieving plastics from waste

The worldwide demand for recycling of used plastics is growing rapidly as more and more applications are being introduced for the increasing demands and encouragements to use recycled plastics on the way of creating a truly circular economy. As for the Netherlands, the country aims to develop a circular economy by 2050 – a waste-free economy that runs as much as possible on sustainable and renewable materials. This will have a considerable impact on conserving natural resources, reducing dependence on landfill and protecting the environment from plastic pollution.

At the same moment, recycling companies contemplating in investing in plastics sorting equipment will expect to find their return in investments to be of a profitable venture.

Example of an installation for the plastic waste stream with advantages

Effective and innovative solutions in design engineering provided by Bollegraaf and Lubo have mastered the manufacture and supply of equipment to effectively remove the plastics from waste, preventing it to become landfill. Our equipment is currently introduced into existing combined waste streams and complete dedicated (plastic) sorting installations.

Bollegraaf recycling solutions

Through continuous and intensive investments Bollegraaf Recycling Solutions has become the market leader in plastic recycling technology. We are a pioneer in the field of process technology & automation and robotics.


Key equipment for plastic waste



Opti-Sort is an integrated optical sorting unit with a patented design especially suitable for processing lightweight materials such as flexible plastic packaging or single sheets of paper.

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The RoBB is a fully automated sorting robot, ready and capable of sorting and separating valuable items for recovery during various stages of a waste sorting process.

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HBC140 baler

HBC balers

The HBC series baler is renowned for its reliability and durability, producing excellent, heavyweight bales at the lowest operational cost. You get best-in-class quality and service.

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Lubo Elliptical

Lubo Elliptical is a state-of-the-art ballistic sorting machine which is known for its agitation movement and adjustable screen angle. This facilitates an extremely high separation quality for various waste streams.

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Lubo AWS Starscreen

Lubo anti wrapping disc screen AWS is a unique technology for plastic film sorting with highest efficiency in size separation. AWS solves a major problem of wrapping of film, tape and textile.

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Daly Plastics says:

We break down used packaging film into granules, of which new film materials can be made.

Daly Plastics (The Netherlands)

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