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Long-term partner for every recycling solution

Bollegraaf is your long-term partner for every recycling solution. We have an exceptional Technical Support Engineering team to assist you with any problems. Bollegraaf provides first-class service during the entire life cycle of a machine or installation, by sharing knowledge and providing the best solutions for you.

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Training, service, spare parts and advice

Spare parts

We are dedicated to delivering the highest quality products and providing strategic preventive maintenance plans for all our customers. We advise customers to keep key spare parts at their location to keep downtime to an absolute minimum. Please contact our parts department for specific recommended parts to avoid downtime.

Bollegraaf also keeps spare parts in stock in sufficient quantities so they can be despatched to your location on the same day or overnight, as required.

Service contracts

Regular inspections of your Bollegraaf and Lubo equipment or installation is essential. We inspect the machines based on a pre-determined detailed checklist covering safety, wear & tear, system updates and general maintenance. Based on the results of the inspection, we provide a concise report advising how to optimize your equipment utilization and keep it running perfectly. When put into practice, these action points will maximise and optimise performance.

Every contract is unique and meet specific customer’s requerements. Please contact us to find out more!

Training programs

Training programs have been specially elaborated to give our customers better understanding of capabilities of our equipment and turnkey solutions. This knowledge directly leads to a more efficient operation of the machine and results in better operational safety and reduction of breakdowns. Obviously, this also contributes to a better return on investment.

When the training has been completed successfully, participants receive a BRS certificate. The training program is customised to each of customer’s specific needs and can take place at Bollegraaf or at a location of your preference.

If you are interested in gaining more knowledge of your machine or installation and want to increase your uptime, please contact our service department for an appointment. All contact details are indicated above.