Density separation


Density separation as a result of expertise

Density separation is an important step in material separation, perfectly suitable for various types of waste. This process step is meant to separate materials based on their weight to process them further in different lines. Smart and compact solutions based on density principles allow separation of materials with specific gravity characteristics.

Our secret: optimum use of gravity, supplemented by air flows that intercept the fine particles

Through years of experience and extensive knowledge of waste sorting, we are a world leader in density separation technology. Engineering, manufacturing and supplying waste separation systems using controlled air technology, we are able to offer the perfect recycling solutions resulting in the highest profit and maximum ROI for our customers.

Jan Veldhuizen, Commercial Manager Sales, Lubo Recycling Solutions

Sustainability is in the DNA of Lubo technologies: our machines separate waste extremely effectively using amazingly little energy.

Equipment for density separation

Lubo Air Drum Separator

The Lubo Air Drum Separator is perfectly suited for separation of construction and demolition (C&D) waste and commercial and industrial (C&I) waste as well as cardboard and plaster.

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Lubo Vibro-Air Sort

Lubo Vibro-Air Sort is a smart and compact solution for separation of materials with different specific gravity. Its processing capacity is typically up to 6 tonnes per hour.

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Lubo Glass Cleaning System

Lubo Glass Cleaning System is a technology that consists of a vibrating screen with a flexible screening deck that allows material cleaning in different stages.

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