Lubo Air Drum Separator


High performance separation with low energy consumption

The Lubo Air Drum Separator is the most versatile system perfectly suited for the separation of heavy and light materials. This installation separates waste extremely effectively using amazingly little energy.

The secret is in the optimum use of gravity supplemented by air flows that intercept the light particles

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This Air Drum Separator consists of an air knife in combination with a rotating drum, a film separator and a cyclone to capture fine particles. It is mobile and can therefore be used almost anywhere. This installation is extremely well suited for separating lights from heavy materials.


The Air Drum Separator is characterized by high separation grade and is able to separate light, mid, heavy and dust fractions in one machine.

Other ADS advantages feature:

Low energy consumption

Exceptionally low energy use enabled by the sophisticated air knife with a very limited air flow rate

Compact design

The total length of the installation is only 9 meters

Variable usage modes

Available options are a fixed position, a mobile position on adjustable legs or a completely mobile position on wheels

Looking for flexibility? The Lubo Air Drum Separator can also be rented for short-term projects.


Sustainability is in the DNA of the Lubo Air Drum Separator: this machine separates waste extremely effectively using amazingly little energy.

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