Optimized efficiency for your sorting installation

Proper feeding can be crucial as it ensures a constant and adjustable material flow. While the sorting installation is gradually fed, its efficiency is optimized which leads to better sorting quality. We are proud to share that our feeders are seen as best in their class.

High quality feeders for your sorting installations

Good feeders are of the utmost importance for the whole waste sorting process. As experts in sorting processes, we can guarantee to select the best option based on your specific requests in terms of waste installation capacity and purity. For each of your waste sorting challenges, we have the perfect feeder.

Arjen Molenaar, Sales manager, Bollegraaf Recycling Solutions

Every detail is of importance when it comes to designing the perfect recycling plant. We know how to create this essential balance of capacity and purity by using our best equipment.

Bollegraaf and Lubo feeder models

BRS Drum Feeder

Bollegraaf Drum Feeder was specially designed to optimize waste paper sorting systems. The Drum Feeder ensures that your sorting system, baler or shredder has a constant flow of material.

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Bollegraaf Belt Feeder

Our range of products comprises all sorts of equipment to design complete sorting installations. These recycling products were developed by our in-house team of designers and engineers and they are perfect for all types of waste.

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Lubo Vibrating Feeder

Lubo vibrating feeder is a heavy-duty bunker with a vibrating gutter to gradually feed the sorting system. The transport speed of the feeder can be altered by changing the vibrating frequency of the drive.

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