Service and timely maintenance are as important as reliability and quality of your recycling equipment. That is what we are convinced of at Bollegraaf and Lubo! We provide maximum service support during the entire life cycle of our machines and installations by sharing knowledge and providing the best solutions for you.


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Exceptional Technical Support engineering team is there to assist you with any problem

Bollegraaf is your long-term partner for every recycling solution. At the moment your installation is commissioned and up and running, our all round support team comes in action. We are there for you at any moment you need to provide preventive and/or reactive support to the challenges you meet during operation of your plant. Here is how it works:

Infinity service

Preventive service activities:

  • Step 1 You receive an appointed SPOC – your account manager and personal point of contact within our service department,
  • Step 2 In an open dialogue our SPOC learns about your needs, requirements and work conditions,
  • Step 3 After thorough analysis of your input, we elaborate a customized service support plan for your company which may include training programs, regular technical maintenance of your equipment in a form of contracts, tailored spare part kits etc.,
  • Step 4 If desired, your team can undergo a specially elaborated training program from our leading experts in engineering, R&D and maintenance. These trainings are fully customized and include both theoretical & practical parts after which your team will receive a participation certificate,
  • Step 5 Our Field Service Engineer (FSE) carries out regular technical visits to your plant to monitor the general functionality. This includes equipment inspections, report elaboration, certain technical works and advice on further maintenance,

In case of an emergency equipment malfunction:

  • Step 6 In case of an urgent problem with your equipment, your SPOC connects you to our technical support team of expert engineers who are reactive and always strive to resolve the problem by phone,
  • Step 7 If needed in your particular situation, essential spare parts can be sent directly to you plant from our factory in the Netherlands,
  • Step 8 If the technical issue cannot be resolved on distance, your SPOC will make a planning for an urgent technical visit of our experienced FSE,
  • Step 9 We provide you with a lifelong service and support including possibilities to upgrade and/or transform your installation as well as to organize trainings to learn how to further optimize your performance.

Who is SPOC and what can you expect from them?


SPOC or Single Point Of Contact is your appointed account manager who is fully responsible for all service support of your plant. Our SPOCs are experienced technical specialists who will always speak English and in most cases your native language, too, and they are there to assist you with any issue. They will also plan regular meetings with you to meet at your office to discuss your experience with our service department and receive your feedback and requests for further improvement.


Whenever you need any advice from our experts within Bollegraaf or Lubo, require a quote for certain spare parts or would like to receive a technical visit of our engineer, your SPOC will be happy to help. The SPOC is fully aware of all ongoing activities of your account and is responsible for collecting and transfering any information provided by various colleagues and departments within our company.

Meet our Field Service Team

FSE team

FSEs or Field Service Engineers are our highly skilled and experienced engineers who provide the best support and service to customers across Europe. All our engineers are specialists in installation, maintenance and repair. They are also specialised in hydraulics, pneumatics and electrical troubleshooting. Every Field Service Engineer at Bollegraaf is trained on all parts of the machinery and equipment we supply.

We have Field Service Engineers throughout Europe who can support you no matter what the issue is. It’s all part of the Bollegraaf service – offering you the fastest, most efficient and thorough support and repairs.

We certainly put safety of the first place. Our safety protocol is constantly reviewed and our Service Engineers are highly trained in safety issues.  They can offer you, and your personnel, the best advice on how to make your working environment as safe as possible.

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“The appointed service team is quick to reach, highly competent and also the supply of wear and spare parts is excellent.”

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