Improving the world of recycling inspires us to get the absolute best out of a recycling installation. As a global authority in recycling solutions, we know our customers’ markets and add value to their business.

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Recycling solutions for a better world

The last years clearly showed how important flexibility and anticipation of future challenges are for the recycling sector. Context is crucial while determining the installation characteristics. Because an event of any nature could potentially affect the waste stream composition.

At Bollegraaf we are convinced that there is no solution that fits it all. This is why we always start our cooperation with our customer by examining your unique challenge thoroughly. Combining all complexity of specific circumstances with our expertise, which results in creating a one-of-a-kind installation based on your unique input and matching all crucial requirements. This is what we call a successful partnership.

That is how we work on your sorting solutions

Customer journey at Bollegraaf: from design to commissioning

Design elaboration:

  • Step 1 In an open dialogue we learn about your needs, requirements, and conditions,
  • Step 2 We analyze your input and create the first flow chart and mass balance concept,
  • Step 3 In our test center we test your waste to check our data and improve our concept,
  • Step 4 We brainstorm with our experts and innovative R&D team to optimize our solution and make it future-proof,
  • Step 5 Together with you we finetune the final design.

Installation & support:

  • Step 6 Our team of experienced professionals elaborates all technical documents and engineers your recycling solutions,
  • Step 7 We produce our high-tech equipment for your installation in our factory in the Netherlands,
  • Step 8 The equipment is carefully transported and installed on site; during commissioning our experts train your team how to use our machines most efficiently,
  • Step 9 We provide you with a lifelong service and support. These include possibilities to upgrade and/or transform your installation as well as to organize trainings to learn how to further optimize your performance.

The state of recycling is always evolving—your system should, too.

Part of a single stream sorting installation of the future
Bollegraaf Recycling Solutions

With our know-how, scale and organisational capacity, we are the partner of choice for large market parties when it comes to integrated, turnkey sorting installations.

Our main strength is a deep knowledge of local markets reinforced by 60 years of worldwide experience in the recycling and waste treatment branch. We understand that the composition of waste received for processing is always variable. So versatility is of paramount importance in a recycling system. Bollegraaf’s market-leading knowledge and expertise result in turnkey solutions that are flexible, reliable, and deliver the lowest operating cost per ton.

By partnering with us, you will have comfort in knowing that every last detail will be in expert hands. From initial concept and equipment layout to parts and service support for your sorting system.


Our installations can be easily adjusted to fluctuations in input streams and/or output requirements. Even if the market changes, our installations have the ability to change with it.


We believe in putting quality above all else. This ensures our installation will provide durability and efficient performance with as little downtime as possible.


The modularity of our equipment design combined with an extremely wide portfolio of key sorting technologies allows you to meet your unique challenges and settings.


The design of our sorting solutions and specific equipment is thoroughly thought out to maximize performance while minimizing energy waste. Efficiency at minimum environmental impact is core.


With more than 60 years of experience, Bollegraaf owns unparalleled expertise in the design of sorting processes, manufacture, installation, and commissioning of turnkey sorting solutions.


We know the local market characteristics and requirements, as well as local laws and regulations, and we anticipate market changes in collaboration with our clients.

Bollegraaf is synonymous with rock-solid and unsurpassed reliability.

Construction and demolition (C&D)

Construction and demolition waste constitutes one of the largest waste streams in the EU, with an annual production of 1 billion tonnes. Increasing landfill tax rates and growing environmental awareness make recycling C&D waste a solid business opportunity.

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Municipal solid waste (MSW)

Municipal Solid Waste (MSW), or household waste, consists of discarded everyday consumable items.

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Multiple transparent plastic bottles

Plastic waste

A plastic waste installation separates, sorts and processes valuable packaging materials, such as PET, PE, PP and Tetra Pak, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, which are then baled and shipped for reuse.

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Energy to waste installation

Waste-to-energy solutions

High-value Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) is produced from combustible components of MSW waste which is properly shredded, baled and then turned into electricity, thereby making good use of waste that otherwise might go to landfill.

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Paper waste

Paper and cardboard waste

The purpose of a waste paper installation is to separate, sort and process printed paper and cardboard from an input stream of mixed paper. The output is then baled and shipped for reuse.

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Garbage bags

Single stream waste

A single stream installation separates, sorts, and processes valuable commodities, such as newspaper, mixed paper, plastic containers, PET, Tetra Pak and glass, which are then baled and shipped for reuse.

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Our range of products has expanded enormously over the years. It now comprises complete sorting installations and recycling products that were developed by our in-house team of designers and engineers.


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