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The choice of industry leaders

Traditionally it is the last chain-link in the sorting process before material is transported to further destination. And Bollegraaf’s hallmark, the baler, leads the industry in speed and productivity. Bollegraaf balers also provide flexibility. The baler can be instantly reset to switch between a variety of materials. This includes fiber, cardboard, plastic containers, steel containers, and aluminum containers.

Bollegraaf is the choice that industry leaders traditionally look for, when they need a cost efficient and energy efficient baler that delivers unsurpassed productivity.

Bollegraaf balers are industry leaders

Numerous enhanced design features, innovations and quality manufacturing from A-class materials ensure that our balers are capable of processing higher quantities of materials. They also produce more, and heavier, bales while using less energy. This leads to the lowest possible operational costs for you as a customer.

Our wide range of balers will perfectly match the volume and type of recyclables handled by your company. With numerous options available to further adapt our balers to your requirements.

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Frank Sánchez, Vice President, Town Recycling LLC

“The engineering, construction and performance on the Bollegraaf is top of the line—the Cadillac of balers.”


Unmatched reliability & durability


Massive capacity & fast baling cycles


Unrivaled ROI

Cost effectiveness

Low energy consumption

Easy operation

Low maintenance costs

Perfect product

Dense, heavy & uniform bales

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HBC140 baler

HBC balers

The HBC series baler is renowned for its reliability and durability. This wide range will perfectly match the volume and type of recyclables handled by your company.

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Fully refurbished pre-owned balers

Only Bollegraaf can guarantee that a refurbished baler is built to factory standards. At our Appingedam facility, we have a dedicated baler rebuild shop to inspect, replace, and refurbish used balers.

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Baler lease


To be competitive in the recycling business, it is crucial to keep equipment up to date and/or adapt to changing environments. Bollegraaf can help you achieve this.

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