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Long lasting quality & outstanding performance

Bollegraaf balers are known to set worldwide market standards in baling technology, based on many years of experience and proven practice. Numerous unique design features, innovations and quality manufacturing from A-class materials ensure that our balers are capable of processing higher quantities of materials over time, and produce more and heavier bales while using less energy* to offer you the lowest possible operational costs.

*compared to balers with equal compaction force.

The HBC baler series is renowned for its reliability and durability

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Our wide range of balers includes the perfect match to the volume and kind of recyclables handled by your company. We offer you:

  • world leadership in baling technology
  • best-in-class quality and service
  • high return on investment

HBC balers produce excellent, heavyweight bales at the lowest operational cost

Michael “Recycle” Benedetto, President, TFC Recycling

“The Bollegraaf baler produces dense, symmetrical bales that stack well. This makes them perfect for export.”

Fully automated HBC balers turn large quantities of various types of waste into homogenous bales


Numerous options are available to further adjust your baler to your requirements


Adaptive Proportional Channel Pressure – a self-learning system to control pressure when baling a variety of materials

Frequency Drive

Energy savings up to 30% thanks to default standby mode

Cross tying system

In addition to the standard 5 vertical wires, bales can also be tied with 3 or 5 horizontal wires.

Needle Lifting Device

Easy access for maintenance & cleaning of needle heads, rollers and cutting knives

BIOS office

‘Visual Baler’ – Bollegraaf’s Information and Operating System for balers

Bottle perforator

Enables piercing of plastic bottles to increase efficiency of baling process

Extra wide feed hopper

Allows processing of larger fractions of waste what makes use of certain machines redundant


Takes care of even material distribution what results in a more uniform bale


Perfect for baling low bulk items such as shredded material and shop cartons

Our team is at your service

During the entire life cycle of your baler, Bollegraaf provides first-class service with an exceptional technical support engineering team to assist you with any problem both on site and at distance. By sharing our knowledge and looking for the best solutions for your unique challenges, we set a goal to become your long-term partner for service and maintenance.

Baler service
Mr Thiel, Plant Manager, PreZero Landsberg

“The appointed service team is quick to reach, highly competent and also the supply of wear and spare parts is excellent.”


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