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We enjoy creating recycling solutions, but using our business to make the world a better place gives our work its meaning.

Although we realize we are a small piece of the puzzle, we surely believe that working on new developments to address waste management issues is valuable to the future of this Earth.

Creating a world of difference

The Bollegraaf group is per essence dedicating its effort on creating value from waste in a climate friendly way. Bollegraaf is one of the oldest companies in the recycling industry, it is dynamic, it never stops innovating and by this, can be defined as the frontrunner of the whole recycling industry.

The urgency of moving toward the circular economy

Rapid growth of the world population and increases in consumption and production leads to the growing scarcity of some key resources, more volatile prices and increasingly severe environmental impacts. It has been estimated that, based on the current economic growth rate, we would need the natural resources of 3 Earths to sustain the world population by 2050. This leads to the single obvious conclusion that we need to manage the resources our planet grants us with prudence and to move away from linear economy, based on the principle of ‘take-make-waste’, towards a circular economy.*


_*From the presentation given by Jacqueline Cramer, Professor of sustainable innovation at the University of Utrecht, former Dutch minister of the environment, the new ambassador of the Dutch circular economy during the live streamed Bollegraaf 60th Anniversary celebration event, 15.09.2021.

Circular economy in one phrase: waste is waste only because we don't value it
Circular economy and waste separation

Circular economy is a systemic approach to economic development designed to benefit businesses, society and the environment which implies that products, materials and resources keep rotating in a system of both the technical and biological circles. Circular economy is regenerative by design and aims to gradually decouple growth from the consumption of finite resources.

The concept recognizes the importance of the economy needing to work effectively at all scales – for big and small businesses, for organizations and individuals, globally and locally.

3 guiding principles of the circular economy include :

  • Design out waste and pollution;
  • Keeping products and materials in use;
  • Regenerating natural systems.   
Moving to the circular economy with Bollegraaf
Our mission at Bollegraaf

To develop and make recycling and sorting systems that take care of the environment, improve people’s quality of life and health through meaningful innovation and using our planet’s limited resources in a sustainable way.

What does the circular economy mean to the Bollegraaf Group?

  • Accelerating the transition towards the circular economy: We create value from waste in a climate friendly way, while we improve safety and working conditions in recycling facilities.
  • The circular economy is our core, as our mission mentioned above shows.
  • The circular economy has a central spot in our strategy: One of our strategic objectives is to accelerate a path to the circular economy through joint efforts to build effective systems in which recyclable materials are recovered, recycled and reused.
Bollegraaf's goal is to make recycling smart, easy and efficient
Latest recycling technologies for a better future

Central to our innovation agenda:

Recycling with radically improved economics, safety and preparing for the future!

Place of Bollegraaf and Lubo in the circular economy

(Advanced) mechanical recycling represents a key link in the circularity of materials that as prerequisite assures their high-quality state in a cost-effective, automated way and allows their further circulation on the market for secondary raw materials. 

Economic profit and quality of life without polluting

Bollegraaf and Lubo represent the advanced mechanical recycling stage in the circular loop

Sustainability doesn’t only mean speaking about the environment, it should be connected to economic profit and quality of life without polluting…that’s when sustainability makes sense! Hence the multidimensional character of sustainability drives our company to bring our innovation to a level where it answers all needs the society is asking for. The Bollegraaf Group has defined the following six principles that our innovation addresses:

  • Performance improvement of mechanical sorting;
  • Safety of workers that use our equipment;
  • Ease of use and ease of maintenance of our equipment;
  • Minimal environmental impact of our solutions;
  • Collaborative approach to innovation;
  • Testing is knowing.

It’s time for a change… A BIG ONE!

Big change in the world of circular economy with Bollegraaf

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