Process automation

Process automation

The future of the industry

Waste sorting is a highly automated process. But workers still carry out several tasks manually to recover valuables or impurities from waste streams. This work is demanding, repetitive and often performed in an uncomfortable environment. This causes challenges in retention and acquisition of employees. On top of that, regulation changes as well. Changes in international trade of recyclables has led to demands for high purity and consistency for MRFs outputs to survive the volatile market conditions. High-tech process automation at recycling facilities, driven by the latest technologies, represent an efficient and powerful solution for the problem above. At the same time maximizing material purity, improving productivity and minimizing operational costs and the environmental impact.

Creating advanced process automation technologies

Bollegraaf’s solutions for process automation are the result of continuous innovation. Based on cutting-edge design and engineering as well as integrated, advanced technologies, such as robotics or artificial intelligence.

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Edmund Tenfelde, CEO Bollegraaf

Decisive technology enables us to meet fundamental challenges together with our clients. That’s how we are building a truly sustainable global future.

Equipment for process automation


The RoBB is a fully automated sorting robot. It is ready and capable of sorting and separating valuable items for recovery during various stages of a waste sorting process.

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The Opti-Sort is an integrated optical sorting unit with a patented design. It is especially suitable for processing lightweight materials, such as flexible plastic packaging or single sheets of paper.

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Bollegraaf Aerobooster

Bollegraaf Aerobooster is designed to optimize optical sorter performances. It is characterized by its performance-enhancing effect, especially with lighter materials.

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Bollegraaf analyzer determins material flow


Bollegraaf’s Analyzer is an optical analytics tool used to determine material flow and composition in real time.

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