Bollegraaf Aerobooster

Aerobooster to optimize optical sorter performances

Designed to optimize optical sorter performances

Bollegraaf Aerobooster is designed to optimize optical sorter performances. With certain material streams, the capacity of the optical separator can be greatly increased. Material purity and recovery are also improved. In certain scenarios this can result in an increase in capacity of 20% and up to 10% for purity.

Therefore, overall efficiency of the sorting line is considerably higher. Additionally it requires less quality control and represents a production boost.

The Aerobooster is characterized by its performance-enhancing effect, especially with lighter materials. It is meant to optimize optical sorter performances.

Aerobooster to optimize optical sorter performances

The input material needs to be fed across the whole width of the accelerator belt, which can operate up to 4,6 m/s on our standard conveyors. Or up to 6,5 m/s on our Opti-sort conveyors. The Aerobooster system creates a laminar air displacement on top of the accelerator belt. The processed materials are accelerated to the belt speed by means of a laminar air flow. This ensures that the material is stabilized for optimum detection and sorting by the optical unit.

Aerobooster to optimize optical sorter performances

The Aerobooster is easy to retrofit onto existing lines due to its compact design. Also, adjusting the air flow is quick and easy, thanks to its user-friendly interface.

If you want to know more about our Bollegraaf Aerobooster, please contact us. We will be more than happy to explain to you how Aerobooster can help you to have your optical sorter perform better.

Other Aerobooster advantages – to optimize optical sorter performances – feature:

Increased sorting line efficiency

Allows to increase the line speed up to 4.6 m/sec on standard conveyors.

Less quality control

Perfect optimization of the optical sorting.

Modularity & integration in 1 go

If integrated in our total design Opti-Sort, the speed can be brought up to 6,5 m/sec.

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