Ballistic separation

Ballistic separation

Unique engineering solutions that offer versatility

Ballistic separation is a step in the sorting process which usually takes place after the material has been sorted by size and density. Ballistic separators represent versatile engineering solutions for high-quality separation and sorting of materials of various kinds, shapes and sizes. Easily adjustable to rapidly changing waste environment, these machines are perfect to handle future challenges of the industry.

Versatility in types of waste to treat and multiple fraction separation

Ballistic separators are multifunctional machines which allow to treat various types of waste: from paper and lightweight packaging to construction and demolition as well as municipal solid waste. These machines are capable to divide material stream into three fractions – heavier 3D fractions such as tins or stones, lighter 2D or flat fractions such as paper and film and small-sized fractions which are screened down.

Ballistic separation main
Derk Smook, Managing Director, Lubo Recycling Solutions

Ballistic separators ensure high purity, cleaner output and require little maintenance which results in low downtime.

Equipment for ballistic separation

Lubo Elliptical

Lubo Elliptical is a state-of-the-art ballistic sorting machine which is known for its agitation movement and adjustable screen angle. This facilitates an extremely high separation quality for various waste streams.

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Lubo Commingled Starscreen

The Lubo Commingled Starscreen is a screening deck placed in its own steel construction which easily separates paper, tin cans and glass. This machine is easy to operate and requires little maintenance.

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Lubo ONP Starscreen

The ONP (Office and Newspaper) StarScreen is a type of ballistic separator which is perfectly suited to treat various paper sizes like A4 or A5. The star axles can easily be replaced by means of the patented Lubo Quick Disconnect System. 

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Lubo PaperMagnet

Lubo PaperMagnet is a ballistic separator perfectly suited to recover paper, cardboard and film from a polluted Single Stream or Dual stream flow with high accuracy.

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