Lubo Elliptical


Exceptionally high separation quality

The Lubo Elliptical is a state-of-the-art ballistic separator which takes sorting to the next level. The Elliptical divides material stream into three fractions: heavier 3D fractions such as tin cans or PET bottles, lighter 2D fractions and screened fine materials, facilitating high separation quality for various waste streams like, for example, commingled, packaging, mixed paper, foils and containers.

Taking sorting technology to the next level

The Elliptical is designed to accurately separate the 2D and 3D materials leaving 2D objects like film bags and light sheet paper to climb up the paddles and letting 3D objects (bottles, cans, 3-D cardboard) roll and bounce back. The Elliptical can be provided with a wide range of available paddles to meet your company’s unique requirements.

This machine is known for agitation movement of its paddles and the adjustable angle of the screen. This facilitates an exceptionally high separation quality for various waste streams and greatly improves the efficiency of the downstream sorting process. In addition, extra air support assures improved separation of 2D material.

Elliptical parts

The ballistic technology virtually rules out wear, so only very little maintenance is required. The result: efficient separation of 2D and 3D materials as well as fines with a high service life combined with a low cost of ownership.

Other Elliptical advantages feature:

Easy and fast maintenance

Easy access for maintenance as well as effortless changing of splittable bearings without removing the shaft which reduce downtime

Dynamic paddles & stable movement

Very stable pattern of paddle movement. Paddles are detachable from the upper side.

Multiple adjustment options

Available options to customize your machine to perfection, moveable maintenance platform inside the screen.

Elliptical general

We believe that quality should be first. And our customers are there to prove that. We guarantee them that the machines will work for many years without problems.


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