When it comes to making decisions on what equipment to use, you know this: It’s important to know that our technologies have proven themselves all over the world. Bollegraaf and Lubo represent one of the world’s leading recycling equipment manufacturers. Thanks to continuous innovation our recycling technologies always keep track with the latest developments in the market.

Technologies Bollegraaf and Lubo

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Bollegraaf leads the industry by developing advanced and profitable sorting and recycling technologies.

Our range of products comprises complete sorting installations and recycling products. These are all developed by our in-house team of designers and engineers. And these solutions are perfect for processing wastepaper, plastics and a wide range of commercial & industrial and domestic types of waste.

Bollegraaf also supplies single products and components. Like conveyor belts, sorting belts, magnetic and pneumatic sorting systems, drums and screens for sorting installations.

Edmund Tenfelde, CEO Bollegraaf Recycling Solution

We are on our way to realizing my lifelong dream. This is to develop an intelligent, fully automated sorting facility of the future. Which will support the transformation of waste into resources.


Bollegraaf offers recycling solutions for the highest ROI

Your company is our challenge. Our goal is to provide you with the highest return on investment. Our modern technologies allow you to reach the highest purity. With the lowest cost per ton of waste.

Leading the innovation recycling process

Bollegraaf is one of the most knowledgeable suppliers in Europe. And one of the leading providers of the circular economy.

Minimizing the costs per kilo and maximizing the purity

As a leading worldwide supplier of profitable recycling solutions, we know how we can make the best out of waste.

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