Lubo Commingled Starscreen


Perfect to separate paper, tin cans and glass

The Lubo Commingled Starscreen is a separator ideally suitable for separation of paper, tin cans and glass. The design and engineering of the Lubo Commingled StarScreen delivers surprisingly low costs per tonne of waste. The machine features low energy consumption, requires little maintenance and is easy to operate due to the Lubo Quick Disconnect System.

Lubo has developed various different star sizes, with this we can design a screening deck for almost every challenge. The variety in star sizes offers solutions for basically any screening challenge. This makes Lubo Starscreens suitable for screening even the most difficult materials and for separating all kinds of extraordinary materials in different applications.

Lubo Quick Disconnect System for a quick shaft change

Lubo Commingled StarScreen

The starscreen has one screening deck placed at an angle between 38° and 48°. Bottles, cans and other round objects will roll back down because of the steep angle of the deck. The screening deck screens for 50 mm. Glass and other small material is screened out, whilst paper is carried upwards. The screening deck is placed in a steel construction of its own.

In order to reinforce the separation rate, Lubo advises the use of air support. The airflow will reinforce the upward movement which will increase capacity. The round parts will roll back.

Other Commingled Starscreen advantages:

Minimized maintenance time

The star shafts are made of solid steel and can easily be replaced by using the patented Lubo Quick Disconnect system.

Hydraulic angle adjustment

The screening deck’s angle can be adjusted with a manual hydraulic pump. Option for electro-hydraulic angle adjustment is available.

Reliable technology

The materials used for the drive system are of high quality and exceptionally durable.

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