Lubo PaperMagnet


Highest separation accuracy

The Lubo PaperMagnet is a ballistic separator for light 2D flow, such as paper, cardboard and foil. With a recovery rate of up to 98%, it separates these materials from 3D and/or heavy objects, such as containers, bottles and stones. The PaperMagnet is perfectly suited to recover paper, cardboard and film from a polluted Single Stream or Dual stream flow with high accuracy.

Optimum separation for every type of material composition


The principal of separation is based on a belt conveyor set at a steep angle making maximum use of gravity and creating vacuum force at the belt surface so the light 2D materials will be transported to the top before being discharged, whilst heavier 3D materials fall/roll down . Depending on the size and composition of the input material, recovery rates of 85 to 98% can be achieved. 

Parameters, such as the speed of the conveyor or the pressure of the airflow (vacuum), can be adjusted to the nature of the infeed. This ensures optimum separation for every type of material composition.

Other PaperMagnet advantages feature:

Extremely effective process

Recovery rate up to 98% depending on material size and composition

Easy maintenance

Optional service platforms provide easy access for machine cleaning

Options for higher purity

An additional ruffler device separates 2D materials from bottles that are trapped under a bigger piece of paper that is caught by the vacuum conveyor

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