Lubo ONP Starscreen


Outstanding performance with reduced maintenance time

The Lubo ONP (Office and Newspaper) StarScreen is high-capacity screen perfectly suited to separate various paper sizes from each other which also resists wrapping for an entire shift. As specially designed stars do not become loaded with film or other stringy material, it guarantees peak performance with minimum cleaning time.

Increased productivity and separation capability without wrapping

The single ONP Starscreen has one screening deck placed in its own steel construction at an angle between 38° and 45°. This deck consists of various axles on which rubber stars are mounted. The deck has its own star setting depending on the screen size and the star axles are made of solid steel. The ONP is used to separate paper of different sizes from 3D flow. Standard screen sizes for a single ONP are A4 or A5, however as the discs can be moved on the shafts, any setting as possible.

ONP screen

The design and engineering of the ONP StarScreen delivers surprisingly low costs per ton of waste. The machine features low energy consumption, requires little maintenance and is easy to operate due to the Lubo Quick Disconnect System, which makes it possible for a quick shaft change.

Other ONP advantages feature:

Unrivalled high capacity

Made possible by screen sizes up to 4040 mm

Easy and safe maintenance

Improved access to the screen and hingable back plate as additional falling protection

Minimized downtime

Lasting performance during entire production shift with minimum wrapping

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