Perfect solution for precise lightweight material processing

Opti-Sort is an integrated optical sorting unit with a patented design especially suitable for processing lightweight materials such as flexible plastic packaging or single sheets of paper.

Controlling the trajectory of those types of materials inside the ejection hood remains a challenge for the industry. Opti-Sort is the perfect solution allowing precise material handling at a high speed of up to 6,5m/s on a conveyor specifically designed to this velocity without having balance issues..

The newly patented ejection hood uses a curved design allowing perfect control of the trajectory of lightweight materials.


Opti-Sort is an integrated solution that combines the synergic effects of the Bollegraaf Speed conveyor, the laminar air flow displacement unit together with the newly patented ejection hood that is based on a curved design eliminating back pressure and smoothly guiding the materials by using air flows along the outline of the wall. This is key for maximizing the separation and recovery of light weight packaging such as plastic foils and paper sheet.


Opti-Sort is one integrated unit that is delivered, assembled and commissioned in one go, allowing to minimize your installation time and guaranteeing a maximized performance of your optical unit. Flexibility and modularity have been central in this integrated design, allowing universal scanner support and related options.

Other special features include:

Prefered ejection valve configuration

Top/Bottom vs Bottom/Bottom based on specific customer conditions and requirements

Unique separation performance

Astonishing results at speed levels to up to 6,5 m/s

Newly patented ejection hood

Curved design allows perfect control of the trajectory of lightweight materials


The patented ejection hood plays an indispensable role in the increase by 2% of the recovery rate of flexible plastic packaging from contaminated paper streams, improving the purity of the paper from de-inking installations.


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