BRS Drum Feeder


The Bollegraaf Drum Feeder was specially designed to optimize waste paper sorting systems. The Drum Feeder ensures that your sorting system, baler or shredder has a constant flow of material.

The BRS Drum Feeder consists of a drum with Hardox combs, a heavy-duty steel deck, and material carriers powered by a chain with two tension bearings mounted in the tensioning station. The bearings have a grease cartridge for a minimum of 10,000 working hours. The Drum Feeder also has ring seals and self-adjusting bearings to reduce the pollution between the side walls of the bunker belt and the drum.

By providing a buffer for material and ensuring a steady stream of material, the Drum Feeder enables higher capacity for sorting installations and better sorting quality. The Drum Feeder provides a buffer of material, which reduces the time required by the shovel operator to input material in the sorting system as it only needs to be filled a few times an hour.

The Drum Feeder can also be combined with a special version of the HBST steel belt conveyor with a 2000mm high side wall – the so-called bunker belt. For easier loading of material into the system, the Drum Feeder can also be placed in a recessed or concrete pit.

Drum feeder 3

Drum Feeder options

Fill ration indication

A set of photoelectric cells indicate the fill ratio of the drum feeder.

Automatic chain lubrication

Adjustable oil dispensers on both sides of the belt provide automatic lubrication to the chains. The oil tank is placed above the floor.

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