Lubo Glass Cleaning System

Lubo Glass Cleaning System

The Lubo Glass Cleaning System is a system that consists of a vibrating screen with a flexible screening deck.

How the Lubo Glass Cleaning Systems works

At the first step, the flexible vibrating screening deck removes the 0-10 mm fraction from a dirty material stream. The 0-10 fraction contains a large amount of fine glass, which causes enormous wear-and-tear to the air system. This fraction should be removed from the material stream before it reaches the wind shifter.

Due to the fact that the wind shifter does not clean the fraction 0-10 mm, there will be small pieces of glass in the material stream.

After the material passes the vibrating screen, there will be a covered conveyor with a wind shifter positioned at the end with an integrated reception chute.

The next step in the cleaning process is a second vibrating screen with a flexible screening deck. This deck removes the 10-25 mm fraction out of the material stream. After taking out this fraction, the remaining material is considerably heavier than the contaminates that still remain in the material stream.

At the end of this screen, there is a second wind shifter with integrated reception chute. This wind shifter will remove the majority of the contaminations of 25-50 kg/m3.

Other Glass Cleaning System advantages feature:


Due to the removal of contaminants from your waste stream, the end product has a higher purity.

Less wear and tear

Because the small, sharp pieces of glass are removed, the machines experience less wear and tear.

Easy maintenance

High uptime saving maintenance and cleaning time

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