Lubo Vibro-Air Sort


Easily integrated solution for density separation

The Lubo Vibro-Air Sort is a smart and compact solution for the separation of materials with different specific gravity. By using the laminar airflow together with a ballistic effect light and heavy materials can be separated from each other even with very small density differences.

Compact construction ensures incorporation in both an existing or a new sorting line.


The installation consists of a vibrating conveyor with an adjustable angle, linked to a blast nozzle with variable setting. Two vibration motors ensure the stable and reliable operation of the vibrating conveyor. Also due to the adjustable in-feed, there is a wide range of applications for the separation of contaminated fractions. The compact construction ensures that the Vibro-Air Sort can be well-integrated into a new or existing sorting line.


Other VAS advantages feature:

Low energy consumption

Energy costs remain very favourable in comparison with the added value of the end product

Versatile character

The VAS can be used in any type material, it only requires a small difference in density of heavy and light materials.

Variable settings

Ensuring the proper separation of the fraction, even in cae of a change in material composition

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