Daly Plastics (The Netherlands)

Daly Plastics


Capacity: 7 tonnes/hr (designed for 4 tonnes per hour)
Input: plastic, film
Surface area: 2100 m2 (input are c.a. 500m2 and processing area c.a. 1600m2
Recyclables: PE-clear, PE-colour, mix plastics
Technologies: Shredder, Magnet, Elliptical Separator, Optical Sorter

About the project

“We break down used packaging film into granules, of which new film materials can be made. This process requires special input materials, for which we commissioned a high-tech Bollegraaf sorting installation. We spoke with several machine manufacturers, however, Bollegraaf clearly went the extra mile compared to its competitors. I already had the idea and design in my head. Other companies refused to work with this; they only wanted to use an ‘official’ engineering design. Bollegraaf did agree – and even proactively suggested solutions along the way.

This created a truly close team, combining the best elements and ideas from both worlds into one design. The result is astounding. In comparison to the petrochemical industry, we release 1,350 kilos CO 2 less per tonne material. However, the most important aspect is that the optical sorting with near infrared technology works so well that we hardly have any sorting afterwards. The process is completely automated and the impact is enormous.

For the volumes produced by our installation we would need 350 employees if we made use of manual sorting. That sorting is the reason that a lot of material is first shipped to Asia. The manual process is still affordable there. With our new Bollegraaf installation we can really contribute to a circular economy in Western Europe. This is a real breakthrough. Because everyone struggles with this problem.”

“We chose Bollegraaf because they were the best performers in terms of quality”

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