Lubo AWS Starscreen

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AWS’s unique design minimizes the wrapping of material

Lubo Anti-Wrapping Starscreen (AWS) is a unique machine for material sorting process as it tackles precise size separation and provides highest efficiency in its class. This patented technology has been developed in-house at the Bollegraaf Group in the Netherlands.

AWS solves a major problem of wrapping of film, tape and textile.

The key words distinguishing AWS’ design are modularity, efficiency and ease of maintenance. Spread in a thin layer over the shafts, material of smaller size falls down between them while larger size objects are carried further. The uniqueness of the AWS relates to its anti-wrapping feature that prevents objects such as plastic bags, foils, tapes or textiles to obstruct the screen. This is crucial in order to maximize separation and output performance of downstream sorting equipment which in turn results in sorting installation being more consistent in terms of output capacity and purity of their recovered valuables.

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AWS Starscreen is distinguished by high level of automation and flexibility to amend settings. It delivers the highest purity and quality outperforming every other screen on the market. Good spread over the screen allows optimal separation and same purity even at lower speed.

Lubo Quick Disconnect System allows quick and easy shaft change

One of the other unique strengths is easy maintenance based on the patented Quick Disconnect System’s design (fast changing of star shafts without dismounting bearings, drives, sprocket and chain.). This shortens the maintenance time from hours to minutes. Therefore, maintenance costs are extremely low and the uptime of sorting installations is maximized.

Other AWS advantages feature:

Low operational costs

Low energy consumption and high level of automation

High throughput

Material is screened in a thin layer over the screen deck

Easy maintenance

High uptime saving maintenance and cleaning time


High purity through aggressive agitation

Modular construction

AWS can be built in almost every existing situation

No wrapping

Hardly any wrapping of film, tape or textile


AWS can be successfully implemented in all types of waste streams. Fine dispersion of material and loosening of the fraction make sorting overs easier and better in the following step of the sorting process.


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