Lubo OCC screen


Perfect for separation of large cardboard

Lubo OCC screen (Old Corrugated Cardboard) represents a screen perfectly suited for separation of large cardboard from the material flow. The OCC is used for screening off paper, small cardboard and other small materials and is placed at the beginning of a sorting installation.

Making manual separation of large cardboard redundant


The OCC screening deck consists of various axles with rubber stars of 660mm in diameter mounted on them. The screening size can be determined by the size of the stars, the interval between the stars and the rotation speed. The general working principle of the OCC implies using the difference in size and rigidity of the material, in which case, cardboard is hit over the screen by the stars and paper slides between the stars.

The feed of the OCC screen has a double setting of stars which prevents material with a medium size from falling through the screening deck.


One of the unique strengths of this starscreen is easy maintenance based on the patented Quick Disconnect design (fast changing of star shafts without dismounting bearings, drives, sprocket and chain.). This shortens the maintenance time from hours to minutes. Therefore, maintenance costs are extremely low and the uptime of sorting installations is maximized.

Other OCC advantages feature:

Low operational costs

Low energy consumption and high level of automation

Variable speed of the screening deck

Due to use of frequency transformers what allows to set the screen size

Easy maintenance

High uptime saving maintenance and cleaning time

Lubo OCC Screen2

The machine requires little maintenance and is easy to operate thanks to the Lubo Quick Disconnect System.

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