BRS Troughed belt conveyor

Feeder option

Efficiency requiring little maintenance

The Troughed belt conveyor is used for the quick and efficient transport of various materials such as glass, cans, sand, and paper over greater distances. This conveyor requires little maintenance because it is driven by a drum motor and all the bearings are lubricated for life.

The modular construction of the troughed belt conveyor is exceptionally durable

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The troughed belt conveyor has a U shape over so-called “trough frames”, which are mounted on a solid steel-plate frame. The trough frames are made of three bearing-mounted rollers with a diameter of 80 mm with the trough angle of 25°. The distance between the trough frames is 1000 mm. On both sides the rubber belt runs over a steel plate over a width of about 50 mm. On the return side, the rubber belt runs over support ring rollers, that are mounted at a max. distance of 2500 mm from each other.

Other special features include:

High quality construction

Well automated production process ensures highly consistent quality of manufactured conveyor components.

Little maintenance

Bearings are «grease-filled» for at least 10,000 hours of operation

Modular construction frame

This machine is fully adjustable to your space requirements and can be placed in practically any situation

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We believe that quality should be first. And our customers are there to prove that. We guarantee them that the machines will work for many years without problems.

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