BRS Chain belt conveyor

Chain belt conveyor

Long lasting product based on many years experience

The HBT conveyor is a Bollegraaf chain belt conveyor used to carry waste paper and domestic and industrial waste. These conveyors are well-known for their long life and low maintenance costs as a result of, among other things, their robust construction and how the belt supports are mounted.

Wear resistant rubber surface material combined with tubed belt carriers comprise a high performance belt system

The steel under-frame of the chain belt conveyor systems consists on both sides of 8 mm plates that we linked together with tubular sections. In turn, we linked the plates together lengthwise using angle steel sections that also serve as a running surface for the chain. As a result, the belt construction is extremely rigid. The one-piece chain rails angle steel is very rigid. There is very little wear and tear on the chain and the noise level of the chain carrier is very low.

Chain belt conveyor

Specifications of lengths, speeds, heaviness of construction, and widths are fully flexible depending on the customer’s requirements. Our wide range of chain belt conveyors includes the perfect match to the volume and kind of recyclables handled by your company.

Other special features of the chain belt conveyor include:

High quality construction

Well automated production process ensures the highly consistent quality of manufactured conveyor components.

Little maintenance

Bearings are «grease-filled» for at least 10,000 hours of operation

Adjustment possibilities

Multiple options for optimizing your conveyor and customizing it for your unique conditions

BRS troughed belt conveyor

We believe that quality should be first. And our customers are there to prove that. We guarantee them that the machines will work for many years without problems.

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Chain belt conveyor

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