HBGT conveyor


Solid construction & proven result

The HBGT Conveyor is a sliding belt conveyor used especially to move light, voluminous materials and perfectly suited for use as a sorting belt because of its flat, enclosed construction. On top, the cloth slides over a steel plate and is taken across support rollers on the other side.

The frame of the sliding belt is of modular construction: a motor section and a tension section with, in between, modules of different lengths. Every module is made of 5mm sheet steel reinforced with ribs, providing a solid construction. The side screens of the belt can be supplied in different heights. The sliding belt is put into motion by way of a drum that is driven by an SEW motor reductor, which has been mounted directly on the shaft.

Extremely suitable as a sorting belt due to its flat design with an attractive price/performance ratio

Gliding conveyor

The HBGT conveyor belt is build up from several layers of rubber and canvas. The rubber belt slides on top of the frame sections of the conveyor. On the bottom side it is supported by rollers. These support rollers are not more than 2500 mm apart. The rubber belt is resistant to wear and tear. Belts that are resistant to oil and grease are optionally available. The belt can be equipped with cleats of different heights.

The rubber belt is tensioned by the tension roller that is suspended by two tension bearings which have been placed in the tension section. An adjusting nut is located on the chain tighteners of each side of the frame. These nuts pull the conveyor’s tension roller backwards, increasing the belt tension. By tightening or loosening one side of the tensioner section the belt can be steered.

Sliding belt conveyor

As there are no transportation chains, the sliding belt is very quiet. Optionally, the HBGT conveyor can move in two directions. In this case, the drums are also given two grooves and the cloth 2 control belts for the best possible control of the rubber cloth in both directions.

Other special features include:

Better grip on the rubber cloth

Guaranteed by the friction material with which the drive drum is equipped.

Little maintenance

Bearings are Ā«grease-filledĀ» for at least 10,000 hours of operation

Modular construction frame

This machine is fully adjustable to your space requirements and can be placed in practically any situation

Conveyors 2

With many years experience in building conveyors for sorting installations, Bollegraaf knows how to make them last a long time.


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